In 1982, from a small spare parts shop, T. Cheawchan Motors Ltd.,Part. had become one of the largest spare parts distributor and service provider for buses and trucks in Thailand.
T. Cheawchan Motors Ltd.,Part. is a spare parts center for European buses and trucks, such as Benz Volvo, Scania, etc. Started the business by only 4 people, the quantity of products were not adequate for customer's needs. But with the vision of the executives and the rapid growth of the business, the company had become one of the fastest developed firms. In the beginning, the products were not various. However,with the needs to satisfy customers, the company arranged to provide convenience to customers by having them acquiring high-quality and complete types of products fro only one seller. Thus, the product types and quantity were increased. The company also consequently gained trust from leading suppliers from many countries and was assigned as their sole official distributor in Thailand. In 2003, responding to the requests from truck business owners, we established in order to expand the business and provide more complete services to the truckbusiness.

Because of our great reputation in product quality, problem-solving expertise, and fast service, we have gained trust from many customers, including our distributors in other provinces, automobile business owners, and many auto repair shops.

With years of experience, we have trained our personnel and increased our skills in many ways. Therefore, we are now an expertise in this particular field. And, we will never stop improving our abilities since our goal is to maximize our customers’ satisfaction.